All your assets.
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Get the transparency and the overview you need to manage your assets.

4 pillars supporting your business

Our processes provide all data and services you need


Data from custodians collected and interpreted in various formats using AI-based technology


Reconciliation and quality checks overseen by our experienced service team


Transactions, positions, aggregates and portfolios delivered in any format


Results presented in printed reports, web browsers, mobile devices, interactive dashboards

Solutions for your business

Technology services and consulting for the financial industry

Etops empowers your digitalization processes

The services offered by Etops range from data collection, refinement and aggregation to high-end operations and consulting, from complex integration projects to state-of-the-art reporting, from data analytics and warehouses to mobile apps. Etops supports all the different market participants within the financial industry in achieving their digitalization goals.

Data import & handling, analytics & visualization

Etops retrieves and collects your data from all available sources. The AI-based parser interprets the data and improves continuously by its self-learning capabilities. The service team checks, refines and approves the data. Following the aggregation process Etops provides the transactions and positions in all kinds of formats. Various analytics may be applied to deliver the information required in printed or in digital form.

Etops offering at a glance

Our contribution to your success

More than technology

Although cutting-edge technology forms the foundation of our multi-banking solutions: Etops is not just another tech company. The mid and back office services of Etops support and ensure flawless operations allowing you to focus on your core business. Additional consulting services support you in defining and establishing a smooth integration and an streamlined setup of processes.

Choose your individual blend of technology and services

In cooperation with Etops you define your specific combination of technology, services and consulting according to your individual requirements.

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Alternative assets

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Pius Stucki

CEO & Founder

Daniel Jazbec

COO & Managing Partner

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